About Us

Connecticut Maharashtra Mandal (CTMM) is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Connecticut and organized under IRS section 501(C)(7) and shall have the following objectives:

  1. To initiate literary, educational, cultural, and spiritual activities, which without limiting the generality thereof include promotion of various activities, such as music, dance and theatre, related to the culture, traditions and the language of the state of Maharashtra, India. These activities could be in coordination with Brihan Maharashtra Mandal of North America
  2. To help members of the Maharashtrian (also known as Marathi) community.
  3. To facilitate instilling the Maharashtrian culture, tradition and Marathi language into the younger generation of Maharashtrians.
  4. To integrate Marathi community with the Connecticut community and to communicate with other community based organizations, in a constructive way.

CTMM is very diverse in its talents ranging from hiking, biking, gardening to professional quality theatrical productions. Various CTMM Talent groups are:

  • संगीत संच – Music Group – focusing in music
  • नाटक मंच – Actor’s Group – focusing in drama
  • नृत्य पथक – Dancer’s Group – focusing on dance
  • ढोल ताशा पथक  focused on heritage of dhol-tasha
  • Sports club – focusing on Sports and outdoors events

CTMM would like to hear from you always. We firmly believe that ideation and innovation comes from grass roots. Help us make CTMM a better for all. Email us as ctmmkarya@ctmm.org