Connecticut Maharashtra Mandal (CTMM) shall be a non-profit organization registered in the state of Connecticut and organized under IRS section 501(C)(7) and shall have the following objectives:

  1. To initiate literary, educational, cultural, and spiritual activities, which without limiting the generality thereof include promotion of various activities, such as music, dance and theatre, related to the culture, traditions and the language of the state of Maharashtra, India. These activities could be in coordination with Brihan Maharashtra Mandal of North America
  2. To help members of the Maharashtrian (also known as Marathi) community.
  3. To facilitate instilling the Maharashtrian culture, tradition and Marathi language into the younger generation of Maharashtrians.
  4. To integrate Marathi community with the Connecticut community and to communicate with other community based organizations, in a constructive way.

CTMM is celebrating its 10th year. An exciting Ganpati and Diwali events are being planned.

Please reach out to us at ctmmkarya@ctmm.org

Our super talented prize winners from the Gudi Padwa program –

* CTMMs Got Talent *
Judges awards (Solo Performances)
1 – Riya Pendse (Prize from Sponsor Spardha)
2 – Swara Kayande (Prize from Sponsor Spardha)
3 – Shaunak Tamhane (Prize from Sponsor Spardha)
4 – Shubhan Tamhane (prize from CTMM EC)
5 – Rasshmi Sathe (prize from CTMM EC)

Public Choice Awards 
Solo Performances (All prizes from CTMM EC)
1 – Arohi Vagga
2 – Arnav Malpure
3 – Kedar Godbole

Group Performances (Prize from sponsor Tawa)
1 – Tanvi / Ananya / Arya

*Ad Challenge* (All prizes from sponsor Tawa)
1 – Zandu Balm
2 – Cadbury – Perk
3 – Pan Pasand
4 – Rasna (added by CTMM EC)

In the coming days we will be in touch with the prize winners for sending out the prizes

Once more – congratulations to the prize winners and kudos to everyone who participated. Our 3 amazing judges (Madhura Deo, Swati Jogdand and Charu Pandit ) were completely blown away by the talent we saw on the 17th, and it was extremely tough for them and the EC to decide on the winners. Thank you also to all the audience members who voted at the event for talent show and the ad challenge!!🙏 (There were 170 of you!!)

Thank you everyone for bringing your best to the event!🙏🙏 we hope to see you soon for our next program!