CTMMs strength, its assets is “YOU” – the people. The organization functions primarily from the contributions you provide. Costs to CTMM can be broken down into following categories:

  1. Fixed Costs: These are the costs incurred to keep CTMM as a registered non-profit organization in the state. These costs are: Insurance (required CTMMs ownership when CTMM hosts events), Communication and Distributions (email blasts primarily, website hosting nominal), registration charges and so on
  2. Semi-Fixed Costs: These are the costs CTMM incurs for you e.g. Shala, Gajra and so on
  3. Event Costs: These are the costs to host the event: venue, artist cost, food etc.

All the above brought together decides the total expense for CTMM as an organization.

As revenue, the sources are simple: contributions from you as a family and donations or sponsorship.


Various Membership Packages are as below:

Family30.00 USDCTMM Annual Family membership (expires 12/31/19)
Single/Couple20.00 USDSingle person or Couple without kids
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.